Our Lost & Found is overflowing. Please stop by anytime during the school day to check if your child has lost something or remind your child to do this. We will clean everything out on Monday, June 18th! All clearly labeled items will be returned to the owners via their teachers. All unclaimed items will be donated to local charities for children in need. The "Lost & Found" is located in room #201, the door opposite to the office door in the small vestibule. Come by any time!  If your child has lost something small and important like a USB flash drive, keys, watches, glasses etc., please ask the office ladies at the front desk about your items; all of these items are kept for safety in the office.  We are also in need of more hangers. If you have regular-sized plastic hangers at home which you don't need anymore (not small kids hangers), please donate them to Sunny Hills Lost & Found. You can leave them in the L&F room on any shelf or on the portable rack.  Please contact Julia Ignatova with any questions.