Thursday, March 1st

6:00 - 8:00 pm

 The goal of the science fair is to encourage students to explore science in a fun, relaxing environment and to share what they learn with their peers, teachers and parents.  Displays should be self-explanatory. Students do NOT need to stand by their display.



Registration closes Friday, February 16th


Science Fair Guidelines

All entries should include a display board with: title, student name(s), teacher name and grade.

  • Entries can highlight a wide range of scientific themes including experiments, collections, hands-on activities, and projects which involve growing, making or designing something, answering questions, or making comparisons. The ideas are limitless!
  • If you choose to do a traditional scientific experiment you may want to apply the “scientific method” (see description below). Use of the scientific method is not required.
  • With the exception of insect collections, projects harmful to animals are prohibited. Live animals (such as mice, frogs, bugs or lizards) can only be displayed if kept in sealed containers.
  • Entries cannot involve the use of toxic, hazardous or flammable materials.
  • Please do NOT display fragile or valuable equipment that could get lost, stolen or damaged.  If you do not want people to touch your project, please include a “Do Not Touch” sign or use a sealed container.
  • For security reasons, computers will NOT be allowed and cannot be the format for display as projects are not monitored at all times. 
  • Please try to keep your project within the space of a standard tri-fold board as there will be many projects to display.
  • Parents – please watch small children while touring the fair so they do not damage the displays.

Display Boards

  • A limited number of display boards will be sold in the school office for $5 while supplies last on Wednesday, February 13th and Thursday February 14th for 15 minutes after school. Tri-fold display boards can also be purchased at many local stores including Office Depot, Michaels and Fred Meyer.

Display Drop Off and Set Up Information

  • Projects should be dropped off at the gym on Wednesday, February 28th between 4:00 – 6:00pm.  If it is not possible for you to come at this time, please contact Emily or Lindsey. Each piece of the display must be labeled with the child’s name, grade and teacher’s name.

Science Fair Touring Schedule

  • Daytime Class Tours – Thursday, March 1st during the school day.
  • Evening Public Tours – Thursday, March 1st 6:00 – 8:00pm

Display Take Down Information – Thursday, March 1st:

  • Please pick up your display (or arrange for it to be picked up) when the fair ends at 8:00pm on March 1st.  If you absolutely cannot pick up your display on the 1st, it will be stored in the gym overnight.  Projects must be picked up by a parent or child at the gym by 9am on Friday March 2nd.  Any projects not picked up by that time will be thrown out.

Display Tips:

To make your display interesting, pick a catchy title, use photographs and pictures, be organized and use lots of color.  You may want to use the scientific method when conducting experiments, and consider organizing your display as follows:

  • Purpose/Question – state the purpose of the experiment (what are you trying to find out?)
  • Hypothesis – predict what you think will happen when you conduct the experiment
  • Materials – list the things that are needed to carry out the experiment
  • Procedure- describe the steps you must take to carry out the experiment (include photos and samples)
  • Results – present the information (data) that was collected during the experiment (what happened?)
  • Conclusion – explain what was proved or disproved through the experiment (how did the results compare to your prediction?)



More info/Questions? Contact Emily Loney (425-614-7887) or Lindsey Hatch (425-458-8749).