Scripps Spelling Bee program!
Does your child have a passion for words and spelling? Scripps National Spelling Bee program declares a speller (or two) as the Champion every year! This is a great platform for children at all levels to develop and exhibit their spelling abilities. 
  • Open for all grades
  • Registration fee: $10 per child                                                                                          
  • Registration window:Closed 
  • Registration was limited to the first 95 entries!
  • Study material for children will be provided for all grade levels
  • Class Bee will be held on Jan 8 2019 and School Bee competitions will be held On Feb 13th 2019. 
  • All children will receive a participation certificate
  • The school winner will qualify to enter the Regional Spelling Bee Contest in Seattle (held in March 2019)
  • Two winners will be eligible for a one-year subscription for a Britannica Online Encyclopedia subscription each




Click here for information on Scripps Spelling Bee.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Sharada Hosur.