What is D@SH? Dads and Dudes at Sunny Hills. An opportunity for Dads and Dudes to provide positive role modeling while supervising and engaging with students at recess time
Event Description: This is a mandatory training session on how to engage with students at recess time and provide guidance on situations volunteers may encounter while supervising students.  There is a second mandatory requirement for all D@SH volunteers - be an official volunteer in ISD.  Link to the ISD volunteer signup - https://issaquahvolunteers.hrmplus.net/
Date, time, location:  Thursday, March 2, 2023, 7pm PST; Sunny Hills Elementary Library.
Additional details: Pizza and refreshments will be served. Video Conference: meet.google.com/aby-snzo-xrj. Sign up form:https://forms.gle/9mGgpzuEiyyN1Hjo9