Pumpkin Carving: Please send a picture of your pumpkin, along with your child’s name, grade and teacher, to Joana Figueiredo by October 27th. We will post each picture anonymously on our Facebook page on October 28th and allow voting until October 31st. The winner of each grade will be determined by the community votes (number of “likes” on the picture) and announced on the PTA page on November 1st. Prize pick up will be coordinated with each family.

 Halloween Parade: To join the Halloween Parade, make a short video of your child in costume following these instructions:

1)  Record your video in landscape mode (phone turned sideways)

2)  Have your child walk from the left of the screen to the right (this way all the children are walking the same direction, just like a real parade!)

3)  Videos should be no longer than 6 seconds.

4)  Please keep costumes and backgrounds appropriate for school.

5)  Upload Video using this link by October 27th at 3 PM