The Sunny Hills PTA is sponsoring the 2022-2023 Art Lab

Art classes will be held in-person, during school hours, and taught in a dedicated Art Portable. The portable has been fully stocked with art materials purchased by the Sunny Hills PTA. 
Lessons will be led by our Art Lab Chairs, who will serve as instructors, using ISD Foundation lesson plans. We need additional volunteers to help out as project coordinators to support each class's session. 

Sign up to help in the Art Lab

Step 1: 

Get approved by the district to volunteer (background check + proof of vaccination) HERE.

Step 2:

Sign up to volunteer HERE.  

How we chose the curriculum 

The guiding principles we've followed in developing lessons are to
  • Provide a variety of media types, art element/design principle instruction and historic contexts to expose students to a broad art introduction
  • Use proven lessons at appropriate grade levels
  • Focus on quality instruction and meaningful take-home projects
  • Connect lessons to famous artistic works/artists
  • Emphasize the social, emotional benefit of creativity
Get more involved
If you want to step up to become an "art instructor," please email us.  Believe us: we always take volunteers!