This year, the library staff and parent volunteers are working hard to organize the Sunny Hills library collection that started several decades ago. Mrs. Hall, our librarian, is doing a fabulous job of making the books more relevant, discoverable and exciting for the kids. However, in this reorganization process, we are discovering many outdated and damaged books that need to be replaced. The library also needs more copies of newer releases that are constantly checked-out and unavailable to many interested kids.

Please help our students gain access to more modern and engaging books by donating to the PTA’s Gift-A-Book program. For every donation, the librarian will be able to buy a book that needs to be added to the Sunny Hills collection. Each book jacket will feature a special tag with your child’s name and school year. Your child will also be recognized during his/her/their library session. This is a lovely way for families to leave behind a personalized legacy for years to come.

For non-PTA members such as grandparents and loved ones, a Supporter Donation may be made in honor of your child to the library. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.  

Together, we can develop and enhance your child’s love of reading by making books more accessible. For any questions, please contact Suzanne Siebert or Michelle Mansolino at: