Who:  Grade 2-5 students (Grade 1 students are welcome to participate, but will be competing at a Grade 2 level)

Where: Online

Date: Saturday, December 3, 2022

Time: Anytime between 10am - 5pm PST, 1 hour duration

Cost: $25 per student  (no refund after registration)

Registration Link: Click HERE. Use Sunny Hills Elementary code: 342

Registration Deadline: November 28, 2022

All registered students will receive an email containing test link, access code, etc. on
November 30, 2022 from
info@EllipsisAcademy.com. Please add this email address to your contact list to ensure emails do not end up in your spam folder. 

More information on the tournament, test and format can be found at  Math Challenge Tournament. For any questions or concerns please email -



1. During registration, there is a dropdown question asking for Tournament Division. Should I enter it as I since my son is in the SAGE program?

Answer: All Sunny Hills participants are required to choose Division II. Division I
is only for kids who are enrolled in full day accelerated programs like Merlin.

2. During registration, there is an optional field for School Giveback Program. What should I enter for this?

Answer: Please submit our school’s 3 digit code – 342.

3. What are the events on the day of the test – December 3, 2022?

(i) On November 30 -  info@EllipsisAcademy.com will send out an email containing
test link, access code, etc.
(ii) On December 3 – All registered students can start the test anytime between 10am – 5pm. Once students have started the test, they have one hour to complete the test in one sitting. If you encounter any issues during the test please reach out to  info@EllipsisAcademy.com.