Nominations for the Golden Acorn, Outstanding Advocate and Outstanding Educator Awards are Back!

It is that time of year!  We need to recognize our fantastic Volunteers and Educators - you have seen them around school, you have admired their dedication, you wish you had the time to do what they do - now is your chance to recognize them.  There is no better compliment than getting recognized by your peers.  No one volunteers or educates  to get the recognition, they do it to enrich the lives of our children.  But how nice it is to know that they are appreciated!


The Golden Acorn Award
is above all, a PTA award whose winners volunteer in ways that meet the mission of PTA: promoting the health, welfare, safety and education of ALL children and youth in the home, school, community and place of worship. Anyone may receive a Golden Acorn; however, this is a PTA award honoring volunteers who work for children and
youth beyond the scope or responsibilities of a job.  We do encourage that all nominees are current PTA members.

Outstanding Advocate Award Nominees should be viewed as active support in the causes for all children and youth. Advocacy includes, but is not limited to, those who are active in legislative issues on a state or national level. Individuals who work with the district or with their school administrators on student issues are also advocates. Volunteers who speak up for the students who can’t are advocates. Volunteers who try to change things for the benefit of children at a local unit, district, state or national level are advocates.  An outstanding advocate could be a PTA grassroots advocate, teacher, assistant, administrator or community member.

Outstanding Educator Award
The Outstanding Educator Award was created to recognize individuals who have provided outstanding educational opportunities for children and youth that are beyond the normal scope of their jobs.

There is a box in the office for nominations or feel free to email them to Jennifer Marks .  Being as specific as possible helps with scoring the nominations.  Forms can be found here:

Golden Acorn Nomination Form

Outstanding Advocate Nomination Form

Outstanding Educator Nomination Form

Lifetime Membership Nomination Form