Does your child love art or have a creative flair?

If so, he/she probably would enjoy entering a piece in this year’s Reflections program, a National PTA art program. For the past several years Sunny Hills has had 1-2 students’ entries advance beyond the Council or State level of the contest. Who will it be this year?

Students have the opportunity to use their creative talents and express themselves through their own original works. Have them focus their creativity on this year’s theme and please note the deadline.

The 2020-21 Reflections theme is: "I matter because"

The Sunny Hills entry deadline is: October 30, 2020

Please email Tiffany Adams for drop off address and details.

Students may enter up to three pieces in any combination of the six art areas, which include Literature, Music Composition, Photography, Visual Arts, Film/Video and Choreography/Dance. Only original pieces, tailored to the theme "I matter because," will be accepted. 

Students are placed into the following categories: Primary- preschool to 2nd grade; Intermediate- 3rd to 5th grade.

Keep in mind that a large portion of the scoring is based on the artist's statement (found on the entry form) about how the piece relates to this year's theme. This MUST be in the student's own words!

Full program details can be found on WA State PTA Reflections page or National PTA Reflections page.


To submit an entry, just click here for a Student Entry Form or pick one up in the Sunny Hills office.  For additional information, please contact Tiffany Adams.