Yearbook Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I get my yearbook?

A: Yearbooks will be distributed at the June 2nd Materials Distribution Day at Sunny Hills.


Q: Do I have the option to choose a paperback or hardcover yearbook? Can I personalize the cover?

 A: Unfortunately, no.  Dorian, the company we’re using for our yearbook creation this year, makes us choose one format for all yearbook sales, and to keep the cost down, we chose the paperback option.  This means there is also not an opportunity for personalization of the cover.


Q: Will every candid photo I upload be included in the yearbook?

A: We would love to include every photo received, but we may not have the space to include all photos.  We love having lots of options, so send in as many as you’d like!


Q: I uploaded pictures to the First Day of School / Spirit Week Padlets sent out earlier this year by Sunny Hills. Do I need to upload the pictures here too? 

 A: While we do have access to all of the pictures uploaded to the Padlets, we will start the design process with the photos uploaded directly to Pictavo first. If we need more pictures, we have the Padlet pictures to pull from. If you uploaded something to a Padlet that you are very interested in being considered for the yearbook, we recommend uploading it to Pictavo.


Q: I’m a 5th grade parent.  Do I have to purchase a Love Line for my student?

 A: No!  Loves Lines (personal message + student picture) are completely optional.  If you are interested in purchasing one, the order deadline for Love Lines is Friday, March 5th!


Q: Is there a dress code for portraits and candid pictures I upload?

 A: Similar to the dress code explained in the Sunny Hills handbook, we ask that students refrain from being pictured with anything that is political in nature or advertises adult content.


Q: What if I have additional questions?

 A: Please feel free to reach out to Emily Loney directly with questions.