The PTA Mission and Goals are reviewed, updated, and approved at the first General Membership Meeting of each school year. [Per WSPTA Uniform Bylaws]  

The following will be approved at the October 2022 General Member Meeting.


Sunny Hills: Our Voices, Our Stories, Our Community

SHPTA Mission Statement

The Sunny Hills PTA strives to support and advocate for our children by partnering with staff, families, and the wider community to create a safe and inclusive learning community where all students thrive socially, emotionally, and academically.

SHPTA  Goals for 2021-22

Together We Will:

  • Raise $40,000 through purposeful fundraising to support our SHPTA programs
  • Recruit enough volunteers to fill the board and at least 20 new volunteers throughout the year for specific programs
  • Sponsor at least 4 Family Events throughout the year
  • Use 75% of our operating budget for programs directly impacting students and their experience at Sunny Hills
  • Have at least 2 board members attend Legislative Assembly and WSPTA Convention