About the PTA Sponsored Student Directory

The directory is a great way to connect with other families, students and staff at Sunny Hills. It is available electronically free of charge to every PTA family at the school. 


Directory Access

The directory is a restricted resource and is exclusively available to PTA members with students attending Sunny Hills in the current school year.   

In order to keep the directory as secure as possible, members need to be verified before access can be granted. You must enter an email address for authorization. If you are a new member or have a newly created user account, please allow one week for processing. If you need access sooner, please contact the Membership Director 

If you want to create a new user account for this website, click here 

If you want to become a PTA member so that you can access the directory and take advantage of all the other great member benefits while at the same time supporting our school, click here


How to Use the Directory

The directory is a way for our families to look up one another's contact information, such as name, address, home & cell phone numbers and email address. Please note, information is only available for students with a PTA family membership. 

Click on the directory button and type in the name or partial name of the parent or student you are looking for. The page will then refresh to show a list of all families containing parents or students matching that name. 


Class Lists

The directory is searchable by class. If you have not done so already, please updated your account with your child's teacher. You can update it here 


Privacy Settings

Contact details are only available for those students/families who enter their information. These details are uploaded automatically when members create their PTA website user account. 

Members have the ability to remove specific portions of their own information from the online directory so that it will be invisible to other users. For example, you can remove your home phone number from the online directory. This information will still be available to website admins, but users browsing the directory will not be able to see it.   

To control the visibility of your information in the directory, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the online directory (this will require sign in if not done so already).
  2. In the "Search by name" box, type your own name. 
  3. You will see an "eye" icon next to each piece of information in your directory listing. 
  4. To hide a piece of information, just click the eye next to it. The information will then be hidden from other users. You will still see this information in your own profile, however it will appear with a strikeout through the text. For other users this information will be completely hidden. 
  5. To display the information again, click on the eye and it be visible to other users again.

Please note, class lists may be incomplete due to individual family requests to withhold student-related information.

Terms of Use
This student directory is for the private use of Sunny Hills Elementary PTA families. No part of the directory may be reproduced, sold or used for any commercial purpose. 
If any information in the directory is incorrect, please access Your Account to update your information.
Please contact the Membership Director if you have any questions.